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Fan The Fury

by Aloud

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Witness 00:58
Let’s go on the offensive We’ll take down all the fences Wipe the sweat from your dark brow There’s no holding us back now I can’t smile with a straight face As my mind becomes unlaced So uptight with perfect grace We’ll go on the offensive Life is so fucking senseless All this silence grows too loud There’s no holding us back now Sometimes I feel like a vampire Living off of this empire What to do, what to do now? It’s what’s holding me back now It’s what’s holding us back now
You say goodbye, my baby With a heavy heart I’ll let you go Some things you never count on Other things are better left unknown The end will be like the beginning for us I promise Hold me close Tonight may be the last time Your eyes meet mine Will be the last time Greedy men and human nature Walk the streets and cruise our grocery stores In the name of pride and justice They would dare to strip away both You say goodbye my baby My heavy heart it grows and grows Those devils who’d erase you They don’t know the lengths to which I’d go
Julie 02:37
You step outside And smoke your cigarette You’re so mature You never seem to fret Those eyes Abandon all contact Your painted lips Add color to the facts But oh, Julie then you’ll see When you run back to me So demure With what you would reveal We all know The pain is very real And I Know what makes you tick You repeat Until it makes you sick
Fan The Fury 03:34
There’s a burning in my belly in my wallet, and my head I read the papers, watch the news I raise a fist and go to bed It’ll only get worse in the coming days I might as well say what I been meaning to say Oh won’t you fan the fury of an outraged jury? Been with the program up to now and it’s become a little much To make believe you and reality have been keeping in touch Desperate times call for desperate measures Brother you look pretty desperate to me Was it all part of your plan To frame a guilty man? You had me holding my breath Truth was you had nothing left Brother, I want to believe Brother, I need to believe… you I want to believe I will not believe you There’s a meeting Monday morning with the suits out in the hall They tapped the wires and the telephones in case you tried to call Blessed be this monarchy I never thought we’d have a dynasty
What’d you expect? How long you think you’d get away with it? You tried pushing your luck Now you might have to give up the basic things Back of the line back of the line back of the… You’ll do your time You’ll do your time You’ll do your… No mercy here For you to throw yourself on This blank check won’t clear Your lies have finally caught up caught up caught up With all the facts Sincerity is the new cliché Rehab politeness It’s just an apology away Well, look who’s lucky now? Money won’t help, won’t let you walk Murder will out the slyest fox Nothing will help you outta this jam You’re acting pretty cool, but you’ll soon give a damn
We can make it if we get it together We want the same things, but not how to get there It’s a waste of our time all of this arguing I’m trying to understand, but you’re not listening. Don’t you know you got me wrong? It’s awful tempting to be so fatalistic It’s overrated and a bit sadistic I’d like to figure it out I’m in agreement with that I’d like to know what you think Well, I ain’t holding back We can get it together Only those who’d like to see us fail Would never want it to better Curiosity’s a coffin nail. Don’t you know you they got us wrong? We knew it all along.
Nero 03:42
Rinse, repeat, water it down These boring beats are all around Play it on the radio until you play it out some more Advertise out on the air Sanitize the public square Squeak it till it’s squeaky clean and make it kinda sore inside Rock n’ roll prophets going down with the ship Taken from us like the warmth of the sun Swiveling their truths like they’ve been swiveling their hips An honest life’s work is never truly done. Never truly done Never truly A programmed television personality revision Will tell me facts and figures that will contradict the last thing said A witchhunt or inquisition can be disguised as patriotism to undermine the audience and shear the fleece of men We need a leader or a superhero Not a zero acting like he’s Nero But we can never get high if we ain’t ever been low And like the passing of time, this too shall go. Goodbye, Nero. Tantalize from head to toe at the crib of Nero They play the lyre while the city burns.
No change between us for the parking meter I hope Rita will keep her distance I can’t afford another ticket, oh no. You say it’s times like these You want to squeeze my hand I say with days like these, What chance do other days stand? (No chance at all) Though it feels like we’re going down There’s something in your eyes that keeps me coming around When it feels like we’re getting nowhere I sit with you in silence to converse in deep stares You say you don’t, don’t, don’t Want to get married in the church It’s alright I’ll take the rap, I’ll take the rap Let them call me the Antichrist Oh, Christ When it feels like it can’t be done “No” is not an option, not where we’re from And I put no stock in no ever-after If it’s the last thing we do We’ll squash the monster
It never pays, never pays, never pays to be nice to a villain Compromise, compromise, compromise and they do right on stealing On the streets, on the streets, on the streets it’s World War III And the truth is the only thing I’m owed I keep working for what I’ll never know This is the battle of love Love and faith It’s hard to find, hard to find, hard to find find a genuine resistance That generates, generates, generates something other than indifference In my heart, in my heart, in me heart is what’s right and wrong And the truth is the only thing I’m owed I keep on working for devils I don’t know When you’re helpless and hopeless it causes a certain reaction To be here in the now at the heart and the center of action You gotta give, gotta give, gotta give like it’s the latest trend And your reasons, your reasons are the seed Don’t you know you’re part of a new breed?
I – there is no “I” in “team” But Jack did believe that’s someone else’s wet dream He built up these tracks with the sweat of his back Gone along for the ride It was still suicide It’s sad Went from riches to rags When the ants attack the queen It’s the greatest thing I’ve seen There they were, face to face She was such a disgrace Feeding off of his trust, his contempt, and his lust Jack smiled The smile of a madman is that of a child When the ants attack the queen It’s the greatest thing I’ve seen It’s the greatest thing I’ve seen
So many of us underground You could swim, though you’d probably drown But your mind is already made up And you do things to hate to protect all the people you love I know we can make it fall If enough have our backs to the wall Yeah, I know it won’t change a damn thing Politicians will steal all our youth As they squander our dreams My heart, it beats so slow Yeah, when I realize that I may be wrong But regardless, rebellion’s my answer when they offer none You and I sing an urban hymn The richest of men can’t deny That a song lifts hope to a thousand feet Our last defense in life I know we can make it fall If enough have our backs to the wall Yeah I know we can make it fall
Maybe I put too much in fairy tales of life and sin Beginner’s dogma in my hands I defy the magic tomes Mistaking steel for flesh and bone I found my own ground to stand Getting hard to make the case Defending honor to save face Ignoring all the hell it brings I just want to witness Justice and forgiveness


Aloud’s critically acclaimed second full-length release is an emotionally charged dichotomy of passionate rebellion and contemplative acceptance. Aloud delivers driving grooves and dynamic melodies wrapped up in themes of struggle, perseverance, injustice and love.


released March 25, 2008

Henry Beguiristain: lead vocal, guitars, piano, synth
Jen de la Osa: lead vocal, guitars, piano, keys, glockenspiel
Roy Fontaine: bass, backing vocal
Ross Lohr: drums, percussion

Additional musicians: Wendy Mittelstadt (violins, viola)

Produced and mixed by: Chuck Brody
Recorded at: The Fireplace NYC, September–October 2007 in New York, NY

Mastering: Jeff Lipton (Peerless Mastering, Boston, Mass.)
Assistant mastering engineer: Maria Rice (Peerless Mastering, Boston, Mass)

Lyrics: Jen de la Osa/Henry Beguiristain
Music: Beguiristain/de la Osa/Fontaine/Lohr


all rights reserved



Aloud Los Angeles, California

Aloud is, in the parlance of our times, a rock n’ roll band. Since our founding in Boston in the early 2000s we’ve released 5 albums, toured coast-to-coast several times, and even landed music in a few films. We’ve called L.A. home since 2017.

Aloud's latest album Apollo 6 is out May 19, 2023.
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