It's Got To Be Now

by Aloud

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Brandon Zarzyczny
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Brandon Zarzyczny Aloud is my favorite band, and It's Got to be Now is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums. I love the mix of rock and pop in all of the songs here. The male and female dueling vocals are the highlights of the album, and they have a really strong band backing them up this time around. I love the whole album so much that it's tough to pick favorite tracks, but I think that Back Here With Me Again, A Little Bit Low, Complicity, The Wicked Kind, and It's Got to be Now are definite standouts. Favorite track: Back Here With Me Again.
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★ “[One of the] best albums of 2014…” –Ryan’s Smashing Life
★ “Aloud is a hit factory and It’s Got To Be Now is like their rock and roll sportscar showroom.” –Rust Magazine
★ “A great romp from start to finish.” –Performer Magazine
★ Best album of 2014 –Pop Underground
★ “Tuneful and… timeless.” –New York Music Daily
★ “They just rock.” –Boston Herald

“…This burgeoning magic hit critical mass with our participation in Berklee’s BANDED project to record ‘You Will Know’ …. It was our first time working both at Mad Oak Studios in Allston and with Benny Grotto, who proposed we play the song live. It seemed like an ideal way to work, so we went with it. The two day session was so much fun, we booked another session at Mad Oak toward the end of the year for the hell of it and ended up recording ‘Such A Long Time’. At this second session, Benny suggested we take it a step further: forget the headphones, forget the click track, forget separating the amps, and just play the damn thing till it sounds good. That, too, was incredibly fun.

Point is: after all that, the writing was on the wall. What our next album needed to be was as unavoidable as the block-text in the video above.

This is what we’ve set out to make here: an album that sounds like a band playing music in a room together.”


released April 1, 2014

Produced by Charles Newman, Benny Grotto, and Aloud
Recorded live at Mad Oak Studios in Boston, MA
Additional recording at Serious Business NYC
Mixed by Charles Newman and Ryan Cornell at Cottage Sounds, NYC
Additional engineering: Thayer Harris (”Such a Long Time”)

Mastered by Tony Eichler at Goldtone Mastering

All songs written by de la Osa/Beguiristain
Music arranged and performed by Aloud

Henry Beguiristain: lead vocals, guitars, Mellotron, percussion
Jen de la Osa: lead vocals, guitars, piano, percussion
Frank Hegyi: drums, percussion, shouty bits
Charles Murphy: bass, backing vocal, percussion

Additional musicians
Maxwell Butler: organ, piano
Mike Tucker: drums, percussion (”Such a Long Time”)
Andy G. Wong: live percussion

Special thanks to Mike Tucker and Justin Emile Shapiro.

Profound and eternal gratitude to our families, Hugh Wyman, Matthew Girard, David Mirabella, Steph Durwin, Travis Harrison, Cold Blood Club, Kingsley Flood, Jillian Santella and everyone at EiPR, Lindsay Swartz, Beca Oliveira and Martin Schmidheiny, Annie and Chris March, Stephen LoVerme and Erin Genett, Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, Chip and Cindy Murphy, Adrian Grey, Ben Wiebe, Amy Gruss, and Scotty Hemenway for their love, support, and assistance on this record.

Thank you for listening.

℗ 2014 Aloud under exclusive license to Lemon Merchant Records. All rights reserved.
© 2014 DTTR Music Publishing/Pedro Pan Publishing (BMI)

🍋 A Lemon Merchant release / DTTR007A


all rights reserved



Aloud Los Angeles, California

Great music has something it's almost impossible to capture: soul. Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa have been the soul of Aloud since they were teenagers in Miami. A shared passion for rock classics like The Beatles, Oasis, Aretha Franklin, and Otis Redding led the pair to start writing and recording their own songs. The two pursued making music, fell in love, eventually marrying. ... more

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Track Name: Back Here With Me Again
I got you back here with me again
Someone to love and share the bed

I feasted on my
well-meaning foolishness
Darling, I can’t help put you to some test
Sent you to the combat zone
Almost broke up our happy home

I admit I go over the line
It’s true I can be difficult at times
But nothing would hurt me more
than to watch you walk out that door

Who wrote all those love songs baby?
Who predicted how this would end?
Who wrote all those love songs darling?
Who knew we’d through this again?
Track Name: Don't Let It Get You Down
Desire is the root
of the emptiness filling the void
You struggle with your heart
over what it is may bring you joy
Restless in nature
Oh dear, that’s part of the danger
What good’s this life at all
without that tug of war?

Don’t let it get you down

To be free you must embrace
that our lives are lacking in meaning
This world is neither on your
side or against you, but indifferent
Conflict is nature
How you attempt to betray her
And though the weight is great
these are not chains at all
Track Name: The Wicked Kind
Oh, the wicked kind
believes the jealous mind
is always on her tracks
Always on her tracks
Because the bourgeoisie
could never truly see
the wisdom of her ways
The wisdom of her ways
But could one really weep
within a verdant sea?
Could one really share
a life so debonaire? Oh, c’mon!
You’re the wicked kind

She says they do not mind
working all the time
They’re happy to be here
Happy to be here
She dressing up this con as opportunity The chance won’t come again
Chance won’t come again
Now she’s got a Top Ten to go
with her Famous Boyfriend
A million dollar girl for this
million dollar world.
Oh, c’mon!
You’re the wicked kind
Track Name: Jeanne, It's Just a Ride!
Jeanne, it’s just a ride

Jeanne, you’d better get out of my room
before our friends all start talking
Nothing you can say
will reduce our doom
Although you try hard to fight it
Don’t try to deny what’s happening
Nobody’s that blind

Jeanne, you’d better pick
the hint up fast
We might not be here tomorrow
This ain’t the kind of thing
that’s meant to last
I bet you think it’s your dumb luck
We’re all the same kind of fucked here
Quit wasting my time

Jeanne, it’s just a ride!
Sooner or later,
everyone gets off this ride
Won’t you get off with me?

The futility of existence
requires not your assistance
You could waste some time,
We could waste some time together.
Let’s waste some time
Track Name: A Little Bit Low
Well baby now it’s all right
No reason to worry ‘bout it tonight
You’re coming off uptight
Don’t lose the rhythm
Have a good time
Raise from the bottom
of your aching soul
the love that is running
both hot and cold

Well, we all get a little bit low here
from time to time

You ought to let your pain flow
like a fire traversing your veins
Don’t ever let the beat slow
Turn up the music on the radio
I know you got your reasons
to be feeling sad
A lot of folks before you
had it just as bad

It’s easy to lose your mind over nothing
Everytime you close your eyes
you’re feeling something
It’s easy to lose your mind over nothing
Everytime you close your eyes
you’re seeing something

We all get a little bit
A little bit low
Track Name: Such a Long Time
A stemless flower sitting on my windowsill
And from this vantage point it’s dying
Time passes on
(Time it moves past her)
A thousand more dawns
(And mornings after)

I’ve been waiting such a long time

Like a sunset sitting perfectly still
You think you’re moving but you’re idling
Standing in line
(Awaiting the answer)
There’s no one behind
(And no one before her)

I’ve been waiting such a long time, love.

This moment
I’ll seize it
and this time you know that I’ll mean it
Track Name: After the Plague
Life really isn’t that much worse
here at the center of the universe
steering down the 101 with nothing but a camera and a loaded gun
Static cleanse my mind
White noise rob me blind
Forest around me far from wild
The irony of it makes me smile
No one to care about for miles

After the plague, we will see the stars
After it plays out we’ll know who we really are

It was nothing to survive once our hearts were shut so tight
I come and go as I please
I love all my enemies
Better living together all alone
Via electronic methadone
It’s not my problem anymore

After the plague, we will see the stars
When it all goes down, then we’ll know
what we truly are

Now I love all my enemies
They make such good company
Track Name: It's Got To Be Now
There ain’t no getting around this, babe
We’ve got to change for good
Just like the prophets of yesteryear
and their dispassionate words
We’ve got to breathe every single breath
Exhale this loneliness
Gasp like it’s understood:
The thrill of this life will slip away
And slip away for good

(Hey) Don’t save a thing for tonight

The universe will give and take
Anything we desire
So live it up till the heat is gone
And this frost turns to fire
Coz we move in illusion
Abide in seclusion
And speak in compromise
But our ashes will burn so bright
More than a thousand lies

Oh no oh no oh no oh no

It’s got to be now
Track Name: Complicity
I got a letter in the mail today
News from an old friend far away
Something’s come up we couldn’t expect
And I may soon be the first suspect

Oh, all right, all right
I know I promised, but I’m leaving tonight
C’mon, c’mon
I’d like to stay, but I must be gone

The dead do not improve overnight
Those who remain are no oversight
A thousand muted words
are all they bring
You know a photograph
don’t prove a thing

I keep your letter in my coat pocket
I fear your message I won’t forget
No sense in talking ‘bout
the way things were
Complicity is such a dirty word
Track Name: The Ballad of Emily Jane
Life can be a problem
when you’re eager to begin
and your chains have missed the mark
as you open all the windows
to a world you want to see,
but you never need to touch

I know that you believe
that if the love you should receive
would ever really be enough,
then the god of compromise
would swiftly open up our eyes
and ease the diamond from the rough

So how can I convey
that you’re pissing it away?
What else can I say, Emily Jane?

What is too foolish to be said
is sung by idiots instead
Who watch the world pass by from bed

You’re tumbling around
inside dreams and paper crowns

Just live your life instead, Emily Jane