Leave Your Light On

by Aloud

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Aloud puts their best foot forward on their debut full-length. Leave Your Light On shows the growth of a band coming into its own, with the help of producer Hugh Wyman. Aloud stretches their creative muscles further, drawing from records like Rubber Soul, What’s The Story (Morning Glory?), and Joshua Tree.


released May 2, 2006

Henry Beguiristain: lead vocal, guitars, piano
Jen de la Osa: lead vocal, guitars, organ
Roy Fontaine: bass, backing vocal
Ross Lohr: drums, percussion

Additional musicians: Wendy Mittelstadt (viola)

Produced by: Hugh Wyman
Mixed and mastered by: Tom Polce

Engineers: Chris Phillips, Scott Brown
Additional engineering: Hugh Wyman, Aloud
Recorded at: Chris’ house in Dayville, CT (May–August 2005) and Hugh’s apartment in Brighton, MA (August–September 2005)

Mystery cover woman: Elizabeth Acle

All songs written by Jen de la Osa & Henry Beguiristain


all rights reserved



Aloud Boston

Rock n roll for the masses. Boston to LA. Co-fronted by wife and husband, Jen and Henry. Lots of old-school style, hooks, and soul.


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Track Name: Release
I’m gonna die if I don’t get this off my chest
I’m running down the street to your new apartment
My heart is beating fast
It’s beating out of my breast
I need to find a way to cut through this emptiness

Can’t you hear me knocking?
I’ve been here for a day or two
Can’t you hear me dying?
I got something I need to tell you

I’m gonna burst if I don’t get to set things right
Or maybe try to kill a guilty conscience
I won’t resist and I won’t put up a fight
If you would open up and let me have this chance

And I don’t mean to demure
But I’ve nothing I’m assured of
Yeah, I’m feeling insecure
But I know that it’s a pure love
It’s a pure love
A pure love
Track Name: Palm of Your Hand
You know these questions got me running around
In circles
And all these answers got me searching around
For owners
It’s never part of the plan
What you don’t understand,
it’s in the palm of your hand

And if I traveled to the ends of the earth
for something
You know I’d never find a single cause
for searching

Everything you are
You always know
You always show
Everything you are
You always know
Track Name: Beaches
I was born on the beaches
I am longing to be free
I have lived by the stations
of the cross that hang over me
I will die in a hospital
Encased in a sterile home
My beliefs are my actions
Ain’t no conflict in this soul

You are the water washing me
You are the water washing me

Gimme strength and the courage
to bring justice to my rage
Gimme grace, gimme patience
to accept what I can’t change

I condemn all the faithless
moments in my life
As I reach out for something
that I feel is barely out of sight
on the beaches
I was baptized in the sea
Oh, it’s the cleansing
The cleansing

I’ve looked upon all the shores
And know the score, but never heard its sound
I’d give you my kingdom
for a crown
Track Name: Can You Hear Me Now?
My heart went out to you
when you lost her
It was on the evening news
the day after
Taping the stars on my VCR
Can you hear me now?
‘Cause I’ve been waiting

We could be the best of friends
You’ll be fulfilled
There’s an empty seat tonight
at my table
Waiting for you,
it gets me through
Track Name: All I Can Do
Watch out how you’ve been acting
Soon now, they’ll be reacting
You drop the bomb
She wonders what’s going on
Careful choosing your words now
They’re what they will judge you by
Composure’s key
For once, won’t you listen to me?

Your poetry sounds so lovely
but has no use

It’s all I can do.

I wash my hands of all, son
I’ll watch, but not be involved, son
Mind your heart
And never lose your star

It’s too late to turn back
as much as I want to

I think you’re better off alone
and by yourself
Track Name: Slipped In Your Dream
I can make it right
Make it good for you tonight
I must tell you how I feel
Now you know my love is real
You could shelter me
Take me home and make me tea
You may find me insecure
Now I always will be sure

I’d never dream of leaving you
I got a feeling you would too

I could stick around
Even let my guard down
Have a laugh at my expense
Now my life makes perfect sense

You could wear that shirt
You know, the one you wore that made me flirt
With you all night long
The one that made me write this song

And though we part our ways tonight
I’ll be with you when I’m out of sight

Slipped in your dream last night
Only to hold you tighter
Slipped in your dream last night
Baby you’re quite a fighter

Time to make new plans
I want you to be my man
Take this love, it ricochets
Like a bullet gone astray
Track Name: Bleeding Heart
You don’t have to be such a joker
And follow through with what you say
Everything don’t have to be a struggle
‘Cause one day you’re gonna have to pay
Yeah, you get pushed around like a shopping cart
And you fold easily like paper art
Yeah, you make me feel like a bleeding heart
Yes it’s true what they say about you

How can someone who lies so much
Not convince all the world it’s true?
And in spite of the excuses you gave me
I could never fully trust in you

Step into the spotlight
Read us your lines
You’re not quite what we wanted
Track Name: Love is a Beast
My love is a beast
Gets off on all this jealousy
My love is a beast
Gets off on all this misery
Dares not admit defeat
Sees what it wants to see
My love is a wreath
Hang it up on your Christmas tree
My love is a wreath
Hang me above your Christmas tree
For all the world to see
Lusts for intensity

My love is a thief
Takes life from everything it sees
My love is a thief
Takes all the breath of air you’d need
Eats all the love you feed
Denies you true relief
Track Name: Wouldn't It Be Sweet
Taking a walk on Albany Street
I started to wonder why
if my job’s got me feeling lifeless
why am I afraid to die?
There is no reason why.
I can see it now.

How the birds and bees
and the flowers and trees
don’t give a damn about no pension
or no tax
‘Cause their IRA
is the brand new day
Shouldn’t have to set aside time
to relax
Wouldn’t it be sweet
for you and me?

Waking up early in the morning
after a night in town
The sun is shining through my blinds
Tell the boss I won’t be around

There is no reason why
I can’t see it now.

Here we are at it again
There’s nothing left here to defend
Everyone’s a little enemy and a little friend
Everyone’s got rules they’re willing to bend
Come on, come on get out of your head
Track Name: Late Last Nite
I been thinking ’bout you late last nite
And you know I shouldn’t ’cause it just ain’t right and
Even though I am entrusted to another
I still think of you as my right-hand lover
Oh, baby child
Won’t you stay awhile?
There’s nothing that I’d rather do
than give my endless love to you

I don’t wanna run this thing into the ground
Don’t wanna lose the love that I just found
My man, he doesn’t know that I ain’t been true
Don’t care about him no more
All I care about is you
Track Name: Godspeed
Beware of darkness, yeah
In a second it could take us all away
Be strong and celebrate
All the moments that you never let escape
Don’t complain
don’t complain
Hang on

Godspeed, and fare thee well
May your weariness resign itself
This land is of no worth
My love for you is stronger than the earth
Our days will live in me
I was everywhere I needed to be

Losing out on you
Breaks my heart in two

Beware of darkness, yeah
In a moment it could take us all away
Be strong
Leave your light on
Keep it burning till my footsteps lead me home

Every river runs to sea